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Coming to Crestone

Our Admissions Process

We understand that embarking on the road to recovery requires strength and commitment. At Crestone Wellness, our goal is to make your admission process as smooth and compassionate as possible, to allow you to focus on what truly matters – your recovery.

  • Initial Contact

    It all begins with a phone call or email to our admissions team. We’re available 24/7, ready to answer your questions, and guide you through the next steps.

  • Assessment

    Our dedicated professionals will carry out a comprehensive evaluation of your condition to understand your specific needs and to create the most effective treatment plan for you.

  • Insurance Verification

    Our team will work directly with your insurance provider to understand your coverage and explain any costs that may be associated with your treatment.

  • Treatment Plan Development

    With the assessment results and insurance information, we will then design a personalized treatment plan for your road to recovery.

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Our Rehab Facilities

What to Bring

We want you to feel at home when you are at Crestone Wellness. Here’s a list of suggested items to bring with you:

  • Enough comfortable clothing to last up to 5 days (5 shirts, pants, underwear, etc.)
  • 3 sets of comfortable pajamas
  • Alcohol-free (not in the first 3 ingredients) toiletries (mouthwash, toothpaste, lotions, deodorant, lip balm, makeup, shampoo, etc.) and feminine products  
  • One pair of comfortable shoes and one pair of shower shoes/house shoes
  • Bathrobe
  • Journals, books, puzzle books, etc. (in small quantities). Please note that all items will be checked upon arrival for everyone’s safety.

All Levels of Inpatient Treatment

Trusted Medical Professionals

24/7 Around the Clock Care

Committed to Recovery

Help & FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Crestone Wellness

Please contact our admission team for a thorough and comprehensive screening if for you or your loved one is suffering from a substance addiction.  Every person entering our care can do so with the assurance that their specific medical issues will be communicated to our entire staff and will be addressed in a professional and comprehensive manner.

The admissions process begins with an initial phone call to assess if our program is right for you. The admissions team will gather information regarding insurance or payment options and answer any questions you may have. If using insurance benefits, there can be a short wait time as the team determines benefits and then a Pre-Admission phone screening will be scheduled. This appointment is a thorough screening of medical history, mental health history and any prior treatment episodes to determine if our program is the best fit for you. From there a time will be set for arrival to intake into our program.

Our Commitment to Your Recovery

Throughout your journey, you’ll be surrounded by a supportive community of peers and professionals who understand what you’re going through and who will be there to lend support every step of the way.

You’re not alone on your road to recovery. We’re here for you, and we honor your strength and determination in taking this brave step. Contact us today to start your journey to recovery.