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Crestone Detox Austin – Alcohol & Drug Rehab strives to humanize and honor addiction recovery by offering compassionate, quality medical and clinical care.  Our mission is to help people become whole again and allow them to live abundant, meaningful and happy lives.  

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We will help you get through the most difficult part of your recovery journey with compassion and comfort.

Inpatient Drug Treatment

We offer a comprehensive, evidence-based treatment program for those suffering from an addiction to drugs.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment

An estimated 29.5 million people suffer from alcoholism in the United States.  If you are struggling with alcohol, please contact our treatment center.

Receive expert assistance from our drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in the greater Austin, Texas area.

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in the greater Austin, Texas area is staffed with caring and compassionate professionals with years of experience in the field of substance abuse treatment. We believe in providing the highest quality medical and clinical supervision to our clients as they start their journeys towards sobriety and wholeness. 

Superior medical and clinical supervision is especially important for clients as they go through detoxification process.  Drug and alcohol detox is almost always accompanied by physical withdrawal symptoms that range from uncomfortable to excruciating and these symptoms frequently cause emotional stress and can exacerbate other mental health issues.  Our highly trained and compassionate staff is dedicated to helping our clients get through the process as comfortably as possible.

When a person enters into our drug and alcohol treatment center, they can do so with the assurance that they will receive the quality treatment and compassion they deserve.

Starting a new path.

Our drug and alcohol addiction detox and treatment center, situated in the vibrant area of Austin, Texas, provides specialized care for individuals as they enter the initial stages of addiction recovery. Our expertise lies in addressing addiction to a wide variety of substances, including but not limited to alcohol, benzodiazepines, fentanyl, heroin, prescription opiates, cocaine, and methamphetamine. Our facility provides compassionate and comprehensive medical and clinical care, prioritizing the wellness of every individual in our care.  Our goal is to ensure that every client is properly equipped with a plan to support their ongoing journey to well-being and recovery when they leave our facility and continue their journey of sobriety. 

Our commitment to supporting our clients throughout their recovery journey is unwavering. We are dedicated to helping people attain a fulfilling, healthy, and addiction-free life.

Live a Healthy Sober Lifestyle.

Crestone Detox – Alcohol & Drug Rehab specializes in alcohol and drug rehabilitation, helping individuals achieve sobriety and lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Sobriety does not simply consist of abstinence from drugs and alcohol.  It also involves adopting a lifestyle that promotes physical, mental, and emotional wellness. The decision to get sober requires dedication, commitment, and, most importantly, support, but it leads to freedom, a life untethered from the adverse effects of drug and alcohol addiction. Sobriety enables individuals to experience hope, serenity and courage and an in increase in clarity, energy, and focus.  Healthy relationships, career success and overall well-being are all typical byproducts of sobriety. Crestone Detox – Alcohol & Drug Rehab provides compassionate, comprehensive care to support individuals through every stage of their recovery journey, empowering them to achieve lasting sobriety and live meaningful and abundant lives.

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