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About Crestone Wellness

Crestone Wellness Humanizes and Honors the Detox Experience

Crestone Wellness believes that the detox experience is the launch pad for every individual’s journey towards sobriety. For many, detox is the most difficult part of the path to a life free from addiction. 

Personalized Care

Our licensed clinicians compliment your care in the most personable of ways.

Putting Family First

Your family system is at the heart of each pivotal turn in recovery.

Client-Centered Staff

We invite you to enjoy a made-to-order meal in our diner, relax in luxury accommodations, and experience truly community-first staff.

Keeping Everyone Up-to-Date

Real-time update conversations for families and a myriad of resources to aid their recovery journey.

Inextricable events, stressors associated with the growing demands of life and self, and unforeseen tragedies are just a few of the precipitating events that manifest into addiction. Whatever the cause and whatever the circumstance, Crestone Wellness is here for you and your loved ones.

Family-First Addiction Treatment

Focusing on the Family System as a Whole

Decades of longitudinal research centered around addiction, mental illness, physical health decline, and collapsing familial and social systems collide into both quantitative and qualitative metrics that can be seen, heard, and felt all around the physical layout, staff, and programming at Crestone Wellness.

We believe in cultivating a total mind, body, and spirit-centered program due to the reality that all 3 elements become damaged during the cycle of addiction. Clients will experience psychoeducation on applicable, tangible elements such as Maslow’s Hierarchy, conflict management styles, emotional intelligence, SAMHA’s “8 Dimensions of Wellness,” introduction into the Twelve Steps, breathing techniques, mindfulness-based art therapy, and music process groups that lend themselves to a higher level of experience due to engaging principles that exercise both hemispheres of the brain.

The bi-lateral brain work during such experiential activities enhance learning, increase self-esteem, and build community among clients—the recipe for longer-lasting recovery.

Our Executive Team

Meet Our Directors

Get in touch with the team that you be working with you and your loved ones day and night. Our first priority is always honoring your decision to journey through recovery.

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Executive Director

Cristy De La Rosa


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Medical Director

Alex Kudisch


At Crestone Wellness, our professional staff works 24/7 to ensure that you or your loved one has access to our personalized care. We’ll keep the family up-to-date about any changes or progress in treatment in real-time.

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In developing our program, the team at Crestone Wellness drew from both personal and professional experiences to include all elements of desirable, evidence-based programs and, conversely, eliminate areas that are lacking in programs today.

We appreciate and honor your commitment to change your life, experience growth, and make new paths. In light of these, Crestone Wellness’s staff builds a recovery community for each client, strengthened with the support of experienced men and women who practice elements of self-care, wellness, and gratitude daily. Sounds like a tall order?

It all begins with a good, supportive start, and that is why the most fundamental building blocks are introduced and reinforced here. Daily goal setting, positive affirmations, unconditional positive regard, and gratitude are modeled and exemplified by staff in order to create an energy unlike any other treatment setting around.

(737) 252-8485

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