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Crestone Wellness Editorial Policy

Humanized Substance Abuse Treatment & Recovery Resources

Editorial Policy: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

The purpose of an editorial policy is to create a standard and process for educational and supportive resources to be measured against. A policy operates as a guideline for determining the quality and practicality of materials created and shared by Crestone Wellness to provide the highest level of care and support for our patients and families. We maintain a high standard for both online and print media and prioritize accuracy, integrity, and usefulness. Crestone Wellness is committed to providing resources that are within the scope of our expertise, have been vetted or medically reviewed to ensure accuracy, and meet our standards of ethics, respect, accessibility, transparency, and positivity.

The Editorial Process At Crestone Wellness

A standard cannot be upheld without a proven and repeatable process that guides resource and content creators along the way. Here is a snapshot of what the editorial process looks like for all resources produced by Crestone Wellness:
  • Resources Must Be Relevant To Patients, Providers, and Families: Our detox and rehab facility will identify key topics related to mental health, addiction, and substance use disorder and create resources to aid in patient education and recovery. This could include industry-leading treatments, patient success stories, practical coping skills, media updates, and the dangers of various substances.
  • Resources Must Be Created or Reviewed By Qualified Contributors: Resources created by or with subject matter experts will ensure that only factual information is shared from an objective perspective.
  • All Resources Must Be Quality Content: Based on our years of training and experience in the fields of addiction treatment, behavioral therapy, detox, and holistic recovery, we can offer our patients access to high-quality resources that are truly beneficial.
  • All Resources Must Go Through Editing and Review Processes: Once any resource is completed, it will be medically reviewed and approved by our clinical, medical, or executive team. Our patients and families should have the highest levels of confidence in the accuracy of the materials we share.
  • Crestone Wellness Will Conduct Ongoing Content Reviews: We’re committed to staying on or ahead of the cutting edge of the latest treatments, therapies, and lifestyle enhancements. To accomplish this, our editorial team will review all materials at regular intervals to correct outdated information.

Have Feedback For Us?

We’d love to hear from you! If you have read or shared any resources associated with Crestone Wellness that you feel do not meet our high standards or you believe them to be inaccurate, please let us know so we can resolve this issue as soon as possible.