Crestone Detox Austin – Alcohol and Drug Rehab – Discover how the right detox center can help with alcohol and drug addiction.

Let us make what is often the scariest part of getting sober as comfortable and supportive as possible at “The Best Little Detox in Texas”- Crestone Wellness, where we support clients in clearing harmful substances from their body in a responsible and medically sound manner and loving them through the tough emotional discomforts that can accompany the earliest stage of recovery. We have a team full of experts on substance abuse treatment and on the need for love and support while getting sober, that are ready to help you start your recovery journey.

Our team serves the greater Austin, Texas area, so if you or a loved one are looking for the right medical and clinical professionals to help you start your journey towards sobriety, keep reading.

Safe and Effective Drug and Alcohol Detox

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol is not only incredibly uncomfortable, but it can be extremely dangerous as well.  We believe that it is vital to provide our clients care that is not only comfortable but also safe and we strive to ensure that our clients feel at home and cared for in our facility.  To achieve this goal, Crestone Detox Austin – Alcohol and Drug Rehab offers the following services:

24-Hour Support

Texas law does not require that medical staff be on site 24 hours per day in drug and alcohol treatment centers but our team at Crestone provides patients with on-site medical care around the clock. Our medical team sees each detox client daily and those appointments are followed up with comprehensive, 24-hour support from our professionally staffed nursing department.

Private Rooms

We believe comfort is vital in any recovery process and because of this, Crestone provides beautiful private rooms with the accommodations to enhance and promote each client’s sense of well-being and restoration. The most frequently voiced feedback heard from visitors in the Austin, Texas treatment community touring our facility is “I wish I could have detoxed in a facility like this!” When designing the facility, our intent was to remove the sterile feel of a typical detox setting, and provide, instead, a bright and warm environment all clients would love to wake up in.

Comprehensive Admissions Process

Our admission team conducts thorough and comprehensive screenings for every potential client so that every person entering our care can do so with the assurance that their specific medical issues are known and can be addressed in a professional and comprehensive manner. 

Timely Clinical Assessments

After each client has completed their intake and nursing assessment, Crestone’s impassioned and dedicated clinicians complete the first battery of clinical assessments to ensure a client’s mental health challenges and specific needs can be known and understood by the clinical team within the first 24 hours of care. It is likely that clients entering detox will not be in their most optimal state of mind on their first day of care, but our clinicians begin building immediate rapport with our clients to ensure every client is seen and praised even when they cannot yet see or praise themselves. Our goal is to humanize and honor the earliest stage of recovery.

Professional Case Management

No two people enter a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program with the exact same needs and barriers and because of this, our entire team is dedicated to ensuring that every client is cared for in individualized and compassionate manner.   All our departments comminate regularly to ensure that each and each client’s treatment plan is holistic, comprehensive and best suited to their needs as they begin their journeys to recovery.  In turn, we support clients in navigating and simplifying the often-stressful experience of submitting and carrying out FMLA paperwork and navigating other issues directly resulting from their substance abuse.

Chef-Prepared Meals

We have an inside joke that Crestone has the best food in Taylor, but really, we are not kidding.  We understand that eating well is a vital part of recovery and because of this we serve gourmet, chef-curated meals.

Experienced and Licensed Staff

The entire staff at Crestone Detox Austin – Alcohol & Drug Rehab is trained and eager to work with your case and each member of our clinical and medical teams are properly licensed to work in the State of Texas.

Continuum of Care

Crestone Detox Austin – Alcohol and Drug Rehab offer a robust inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for those who are in need of a longer episode of treatment.  Our inpatient program includes intense and effective clinical work as well as an immersion into Twelve-Step recovery.  We also have a large network of community partners in the greater Austin, Texas area including other inpatient facilities, outpatient programs, therapists, and sober homes.  We wholeheartedly believe that our clients are best served and have the best chance of permanent sobriety when they continue receiving the right care after leaving our facility.  As such, we ensure that every client is provided with a comprehensive and individualized discharge plan before leaving Crestone.

Our detox treatment center treats all addictive substances.

Our greater Austin area detox center is expertly equipped to assist you in detoxing from alcohol and drugs, including:

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines
  • Methamphetamine
  • Heroin
  • Fentanyl
  • Hydrocodone
  • Methadone
  • Morphine
  • Xanax
  • Valium
  • and more

Every substance presents a uniquely complex set of circumstances concerning detox and our team will ensure that every client receives the detox protocol to target their individual needs.

Let’s Overcome Addiction Together – Call Us Today

If you or a loved one are suffering from a substance addiction, the best thing you can do is seek help from qualified and caring professionals. 
Our team at Crestone is more than ready to fulfill that role and help you overcome this debilitating and deadly disease.
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