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How Does Drug Rehab Work – Program and Treatments

Written By:

Alex Kudisch

How does drug rehab work program and treatments - crestone detox and rehab austin

Substance use disorders are no joke, and seriously turn the lives of those who deal with them upside down. Should you or a loved one struggle with this challenge, you may consider the services of drug or alcohol treatment centers.

Before doing so, however, you may have a few concerns. Sure, the ideas of family therapy and support groups sound nice, but how does drug rehab work? Does it even work? If you have a drug abuse challenge, what should really be your expectation?

Well, there’s no need for these details to be shrouded in mystery any longer as all you need to know as you consider a drug or alcohol rehab program is below.

Elements of a Drug Rehab Program

Room - crestone detox and rehab austin

Technically speaking, not every drug rehab center is built equal. Additionally, the strategies a recovery sees being used by his or her treatment providers can vary significantly from one center to the next.

Each mental health professional may have little nuances in the way they do this, which is completely normal. Nevertheless, there is a typical framework that you’ll see where these kinds of programs are concerned.

Austin tx drug rehab centers - crestone detox and rehab austin

First, there is the intake element, which begins with understanding the specific drug or alcohol abuse case.

The treatment process should never be treated like a one size fits all kind of deal. Instead, time should be taken to understand the specific needs of an addict and determine if the specific center is right for the person.

Next, the treatment center will begin to focus on the detoxification process. A safe setting with supervision is used to start drug rehab programs by ridding the body of harmful toxins while monitoring patients

The real drug rehab element comes next, and its approach will often depend on the individual. Treatment and related services may be offered via transitional living or outpatient programs. Therapy sessions and skill development may also be involved.

Finally, there’s the recovery. Of course, individual treatment outcomes depend on both the extent of the drug and alcohol problems and how appropriate the addiction treatment program was.

Inpatient Rehab Programs

Drug rehab austin - crestone detox and rehab austin

An inpatient drug rehab center offers those going through treatment somewhere to live as the process gets underway.

Many people will need this kind of facility as what’s most effective for them is removing them from the different triggers that may lead to substance abuse again.

There isn’t one kind of environment that comes under this category. For example, some drug and alcohol rehab inpatient programs take place in a hospital environment. Alternatively, you may find that there’s a luxury rehab center at play.

Austin - crestone detox and rehab austin

The overall benefit of an inpatient rehab program is the overall immersion of it all. Technically speaking, everything done will be related to recovery. With the extent of sober free time and therapy available, those going through drug rehab should learn healthier habits to replace substance abuse with.

Outpatient Treatment

Unnamed 8 - crestone detox and rehab austin

While outpatient treatment programs offer addiction treatment services, they do not provide the same kind of monitoring of mental and physical health and observation that their inpatient counterparts would.

You will also find that these treatment programs have several levels that help to deal with addiction and the mental disorders that may come along with it.

Austin drug rehab center 1 - crestone detox and rehab austin

These levels include substance use counseling, partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), and intensive outpatient programs (IOPs). The typical timetable sees treatment take place a few hours each day for several days weekly.

Choosing a Rehab Center for Addiction Treatment

Drug rehab center in austin - crestone detox and rehab austin

With the different rehab centers available, the idea of choosing one can be daunting. To assist with your rehab and overall mental health, you want to know that you’re in the hands of a treatment center that is known for its professionalism and experience.

Additionally, you’d want to know that your program is tailored to you and not a cookie-cutter one.

What to expect from drug addiction treatment at our facility in the greater austin area

Some of the things you can use to decide on a rehab facility are:

  • A rehab process that include aftercare
  • A variety of holistic therapies, which may include animal-assisted therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc.
  • A personalized treatment plan
  • Proximity
  • Affordability

What Does the Standard Day in Drug Rehab Programs Look Like?

Detox austin - crestone detox and rehab austin

If your specific rehab center has an inpatient program of some kind to help those dealing with substance addictions, there is quite a bit of variation in how a typical day may go. Nevertheless, the following elements may be a part of it:

  • Healthy breakfast
  • Group therapy
  • Recreational activities
  • Appointments with clinicians or other medical professionals
  • Engaging activities
  • Dinner
  • 12-step meetings
  • Journaling/meditation
Detox centers austin - crestone detox and rehab austin

An inpatient facility for substance use disorder assistance needs to promote the idea of having a routine as this is a great way to create both comfort and familiarity as a part of the individual therapy process.

How Effective Is Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Substance Abuse Challenges?

Alcohol detox austin - crestone detox and rehab austin

It’s a known fact that drug rehab programs are highly recommended for those struggling to maintain sobriety. They are meant to provide a supportive environment, which is essential to the ongoing recovery process.

As it stands right now, there is no more effective option for those looking to beat addiction by going through the required emotional healing process and becoming effectively reintegrated into society. Professional rehab programs are listed as the most effective by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Addiction is very disruptive to the brain and behavior, and the treatment options available help to stop this, giving people back the control over their lives that they had previously lost.

Austin - crestone detox and rehab austin

Even with all this being true, the end is often not what anyone would want to see unfold. Most people will see the treatment stop them from returning to drugs or alcohol for up to a year. Unfortunately, the battle with addiction is often a lifelong process and most people don’t win.

Several factors will influence the eventual outcome, including:

  • Presence of triggers
  • The current state of psychological functioning
  • Availability of outpatient care
  • Programs designed at inpatient facilities
  • Development of constructive happ

The Idea of Personal Growth as a Sign of Success During the Recovery Process

Drug rehab in austin - crestone detox and rehab austin

Recovering from the abuse of drugs or alcohol can be incredibly difficult. The typical measure of success of the programs that are used to assist those who are struggling tends to be the extent to which they remain sober permanently. However, that is technically not the only measure that can be used.

Detox center austin - crestone detox and rehab austin

Another way to look at it is the extent to which the person grows as an individual. Is there now a steady job in the mix? Have relationships that were previously damaged because of abuse improved? If there is a relapse, will the person be able to identify the problem and seek assistance in addressing it? These are all good measures to use.

The Bottom Line

Drug rehab austin - crestone detox and rehab austin

How does drug rehab work? Well, there is a standard process that includes evaluation, detoxification, rehabilitation, and more! If you are having a challenge with addiction, it helps to reach out to a reputable treatment center that will look at you as a unique case and develop a program that is specifically tailored to your unique needs.

While the success of a rehab program is often looked at through the lens of quitting the substance altogether, a measure of personal growth and a different outlook may also be used.

If you’re struggling with addiction in Austin, TX, and need a tailored plan and compassionate people who will work with you holistically, contact Crestone Detox Austin – Alcohol & Drug Rehab today.

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