About Chloe Cramer

Born and raised in New England, Chloe graduated from Norwich University in Vermont with a focus on Cultural Studies. She spent the next several years traveling around the world and getting to experience recovery fellowships in many different countries. Eventually she came to Texas with her family and began working in the Behavioral Health field, in a variety of roles, eventually landing in Admissions where she has remained ever since.

Chloe found her own recovery through an intervention done by her family when she was 18 years old, which resulted in sustained sobriety ever since. She credits that intervention as the single most critical moment in her life, as it provided the opportunity for her to redirect the entire course of her life through accepting the offer of treatment and recovery. Chloe remains passionate about helping others struggling with addiction- and their families- find this same freedom and joy.

Chloe is happiest when outside- hiking, riding horses or mountain bikes, and exploring new places- especially when it includes her husband, kids (and dogs!).