About Cristy

Cristy’s experience and dedication to her work in the substance abuse treatment field spans over a decade. Cristy’s treatment career has been enhanced by a variety of roles in both adolescent and adult treatment, including Case Manager, IOP Counselor, IOP Program Manager, Assistant Clinical Director, Community Integration Program Director, and now, Executive Director for Crestone Wellness. Cristy is committed to incorporating compassionate care, family work, and care coordination with community resources to aid in every client’s journey through recovery. Cristy is currently in school working towards her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Cristy’s passion for the helping field stems from her own recovery from an eating disorder and the experiences she had with treatment providers in treatment centers. These experiences gave her hope and the support she needed. Cristy has a special place in her heart for working with clients have been affected by substance abuse and eating disorders. “If I had not had the privilege of having loving and patient treatment providers throughout my journey to recovery, I would not have had the chance to do the work I am blessed in doing now.”

Cristy is an avid podcast listener, a true crime enthusiast, a self-taught woodworker and leatherworker, a devoted dog mom, and a strong supporter of all the nurse heroes out there (as her partner is a travel nurse).